About Thirukkadiyur

Sri Amirthakadesvarar / Sri AbiramiAmman  temple is located in Thirukkadiyur which is near Mayiladuthurai in Nagappatinam district in the state of Tamilnadu, India. It is around 22 kilometers from Mayiladuthurai. It is situated in the chidambaram- Nagappatinam East Coast Road. Thirukadaiyur is a temple dedicated to the (Ender of Death) form of the Hindu god. It is the place where protected from (Lord of Death) when he was about to take the boy to hell. Hence, this temple is supposed to give long life to couples beyond 60 or 80. A function called Sashtiapthapoorthi is celebrated when the husband reaches 60 and Sadhabishegam when he reaches 80. Abirami Temple of Thirukadaiyur is associated with the legends of Markandeya and Abirami patter. When Devas and Asuras churned ThiruParkadal to get Amirtham, they forgot to Worship Lord Vinayagayar, hence Lord Ganesh stole the pot of Amirtham and kept at Thirukadaiyur, it is believed that the Siva Lingam in this temple is made of AmirthaKudam. Since the pot of Amirtham was hidden here, the lord Ganesh is called as “Kallapilliyar”. Hence Lord Shiva in this temple is also called as Amirthakadeshwarar.

Navagraha temples

A cluster of nine temples in the temple belt of the erstwhile Cholasempire of Tamilnadu is referred to as the Navagraha temples -that bear the common thread of their association with the nine celestial bodies referred to in Indian astrological beliefs. A shrine housing the Navagrahas is seen in almost all of the Saivite temples in Tamilnadu. However, the Navagraha temple cluster refers to a set of nine temples in the Chola kingdom region of Tamilnadu, that are associated through legends and beliefs with the navagrahas. It is to be noted that the first of these, the Suryanaar temple is the only one that is dedicated to the Graham or the celestial body itself. All of the other eight are ancient temples dedicated to Shiva. Six of these eight temples have been referred by the Thevaram hymns and thus clearly go back to the 2nd half of the 1st millennium CE.   


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